Fidic Asia Pacific 2020

Welcome Massege

I am glad that we have an opportunity to be a host again In year 2020. I have not Decided yet where is the location of the conference but I am sure that when you come to join the conference with us, you would be happy. The theme of this conference would be about the disruption in our profession

I am sure that there is a big impact from the technology that have influence on our business in my opinion, the most challenging topic of this industry is about people, it is about our engineers

Since the conference will be a place for more than 20 countries to join the conference. I hope that there is an opportunity for our engineers to meet our friends from aboard to exchange their ideas. The competence and to learn from each other.

We would like to welcome you to join our conference in Thailand.

Widhoon Chiamchittrong, Ph.D.
CEAT President